If you found this website you probably have some interest in hypnosis or hypnotherapy. Maybe you are looking to make a positive change in your life. Or perhaps you are interested in the mind-body connection.  Then again, you may just be curious about hypnosis. Getting in touch with the resources that are already within you or the power of the subconscious mind may interest you. Whatever your reason you have come to the right place.

All I ask it that you keep an open mind while you are reading this site. And take the time to try to understand and learn about hypnosis and hypnotherapy.  I was skeptical when I first started learning about hypnosis. But then as a hypnotherapist  I started to see results and I realized just how powerful hypnotherapy actually is.

I found that I could assist my clients in releasing fears and phobias that they had had for years. I helped people get rid of panic attacks and taught them new tools and techniques so that their focus was now on being calm and in control. With hypnotherapy, my clients learned  how to use imagery and other techniques to deal with the side effects of chemo and radiation and control their pain.  I have seen amazing healing taking place with cancer and other diseases. Clients are less anxious going in for surgeries and heal quicker after and need less pain medication.  Clients have thrown away their sleeping pills and now get a natural, sound nights sleep.  Clients have learned  how to stop smoking and lose weight by getting to the real issues of why you overeat or smoke in the first place.

I have worked with kids, teens and adults of all ages. With hypnosis you can:

Hypnotherapy offered in Chatsworth, Westlake Village, the San Fernando Valley and Conejo Valley.