What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a deep state of relaxation where the subconscious mind is suggestible to positive images and suggestions. We are in hypnosis several times during the day, while watching TV, listening to music or daydreaming. We take this natural state and focus it and use it to your benefit to support the desires of your conscious mind.

Why Hypnosis?

Most of us have tried, with limited success, to achieve our goals using only our logic, reasoning and willpower, which are part of the limited conscious mind. In order to make changes effectively, we must work subconsciously. Using hypnosis, we are able to access the powerful subconscious and reprogram it so that you can make positive life changes.

Will I say or do something I don’t want to do?

You are always in control and cannot be made to do anything that you do not want to do, or anything that is against your personal, moral, or ethical beliefs. You can hear and respond to everything during the therapeutic process and are an active participant in the therapy. If at any time, you want to emerge from the state for any reason, you can open your eyes and become fully alert. No one can keep you in hypnosis against your will.

Can everyone be hypnotized?

Remember that it is a natural state that we are in several times a day. It may occur while you are driving,or watching TV. You pass through this natural state right before sleep and upon awakening. Everyone can be hypnotized. The key to entering hypnosis is the acceptance and desire of the client.

Is it different than stage hypnosis?

Yes, stage hypnosis is for entertainment.  You will often see the stage hypnotist ask people to leave the stage that don’t  reach the level of depth that they are looking for. A hypnotherapist uses suggestions to make positive changes but it will be for  specific issues that have already been discussed between the both of them.

What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is combining hypnosis in a safe and comfortable environment with a trained hypnotherapist to make permanent, positive lifestyle changes. The hypnotherapist is simply a guide that will  assist you in reaching your goals and desires. It is different from other therapies because it focuses on the role of the subconscious mind to reprogram old negative beliefs and behaviors.

What is a hypnotherapist?

Definition of Hypnotherapist – 079.157-010

In 1973, Dr. John Kappas, Founder of HMI, wrote and defined the profession of a Hypnotherapist in the Federal Dictionary of Occupational Titles…“Induces hypnotic state in client to increase motivation or alter behavior patterns: Consults with client to determine nature of problem. Prepares client to enter hypnotic state by explaining how hypnosis works and what client will experience. Tests subject to determine degree of physical and emotional suggestibility. Induces hypnotic state in client, using individualized methods and techniques of hypnosis based on interpretation of test results and analysis of client’s problem. May train client in self-hypnosis conditioning.”

It is important to choose a well trained hypnotherapist.  Ask your therapist what type of training they have had. Was it a weekend course or did they go to college? I am proud to say that I graduated with honors from a highly nationally accredited school of hypnotherapy. I also have a degree in Psychology.

What does a typical session include?

The first step in the first session is to discuss your goals and desires.  I will explain in detail what hypnosis is and isn’t and how and why it works. I will then use simple techniqes to get you into the hypnotic state where your mind is more open to  positive suggestions and images. You will then be guided through a progressive relaxation.  When you are physically relaxed and emotionally calm it is easier for your subconscious mind to accept  and support the agreed upon goals.

How many sessions does it take?

Individual results may vary. It will depend on your motivation level and the nature of the presenting issue. A more specific answer can be given after the intial consultation.

What is the cost?

The initial session will be 90 minutes long. The following sessions are usually 60 minutes, but can be longer. Please call for prices.