Hypnosis for Dental Anxiety with host Lisa Machenberg, and guest Paula Getty-Shearer, Certified Hypnotherapists, with her client Yasmin.

Dear Paula,
I had never been hypnotized before and didn’t know what to expect. On initially meeting Paula she immediately puts you at ease and she has a very calming presence. The experience was very positive and relaxing. It gave me tools to use daily to keep me on the right thought process. Paula has an incredible gift to heal. I believe the methods we used helped me both physically and emotionally to deal with my cancer. I use the imagery every night and it helps me to relax. I want to tell you how truly grateful I am for the sessions you did with me. I really felt that they were a success!



Dear Paula,

With a heart full of gratitude, I write this letter to you. Even though you modestly say that you are a guide in our healing, our family will testify that you are an extremely gifted guide. When my husband Jim was diagnosed with epiglottal cancer this past January it was his third encounter with cancer in our 35 year marriage.  This time, the diagnosis completely shocked us. Why did he have to fight this battle again? For me, Jim’s past experience with cancer and other health issues didn’t make me feel any more educated or more confident to face it again. This time, all the underlying fears from the past experiences resurfaced and made the thought of conquest overwhelming. I could think of nothing but the worst. By the time we got to your Relaxation and Guided Imagery class at The Wellness Community, we were so stressed and in need of relaxation that we came with a hope for anything that could help us. What actually took place was something I hadn’t anticipated, but has changed my life. My first private session with you was full of words like rage, fear and frustration. I felt helpless to bring Jim any type of comfort in his time of greatest need. I felt trapped in the woods with no path in sight, but you guided me out and into the clearing. From there, I could see real hope. Now, my perspective is more positive. Not only has hypnotherapy brought balance and serenity to my life, it has made me a better caregiver to Jim and my son , which strengthens my spirit and soothes my soul. And as an added bonus, I’ve discovered that I’m no longer bothered by previous physical ailments-asthma, allergy and arthritis pain. Even a cold is not so common around our household. Thanks to you too, our son  is emerging a more resilient child. His life is affected by cancer as well and his need for healing can’t be overlooked simply because of his age. His place in our family is of equal value to ours. In my biased opinion, he is a remarkable child in his own right, but with your guidance, he has become a better version of an already spectacular specimen! How fortunate he is to have a person to guide him where he aspires to be. Through your guidance, our entire family has experienced healing in an extraordinarily easy manner–stress free. We hold dear the gifts that you have given us and we continue to use and maintain the tools that you have equipped us with. We are a stronger family because we are “anchored,” focused, and more positive individuals. Most sincerely,

Bonnie R.


After my divorce, it was difficult for me to let go of my resentment and anger for my ex husband. Years had gone by and I would still seethe and engage in futile, pointless arguments with him that only caused me frustration and stress. In three sessions Paula helped me to change this behavior that had become a habit. It’s been several months since my sessions and things are much more peaceful now in my house and with my relationship with my ex. I’m more calm and relaxed and less apt to pick a fight with him which is what I was hoping to achieve so that I could be the best mother I can be. I had gone to conventional therapy many times with less success. I am a believer in hypnotherapy. It truly works!



I just want to thank you for all you have done for me. I must admit, I was a bit skeptical about trying hypnosis but then again, I believe in trying new things. You have proven to me that anything is possible and sometimes we need some help. You for one, provided that what I most desperately searched for which is to control my anxiety and keep it at a manageable level. I’ve used it at work, at home and in relationships. I am now happy doing what I do and fulfilling my dreams as an RN. It was intimidating but again, I knew that I have what it takes to succeed. You reminded me of that so many times. I thank God for having us meet and I always believe that people we encounter have something valuable that we can take. Again, thanks. Life can only get better.



I was told I needed a mastectomy and I was under alot of stress and anxiety preparing for surgery. I feared the worst not knowing if the cancer had spread. I couldn’t sleep and I was crying all the time until Paula helped me prepare for the surgery with positive reinforcements and visualizations. After sessions with Paula I felt like a different person that had no fear and more confidence to focus more on the positive than the negative. The day of the surgery I walked into the hospital and I was so eager to get the surgery done because I felt that nothing could go wrong and I knew I was in good hands. 48 hours later I was sent home. My surgeon commented on my fast recovery and said that she was convinced that it was from my hypnotherapy preparation. The end result they caught my cancer in time and it did not spread. I want to thank Paula for helping me become stronger and learn to take control of a stressful situation and not let it control me. Paula, I can’t thank you enough and I recommend you highly.

Shirley B.


“Paula has an intuitive gift for listening and providing direction for healing in the areas of your concern.  She listened carefully to my concerns, asked empathetic questions, and allowed me to express myself fully.  During the hypnosis portion, she gently guided me towards a restful state and spoke with lilting tones, guiding me towards more self-acceptance and self-regard.  Paula reassured me of my innate healing skills.  I was so moved by her quick understanding of my concerns, and by her techniques in leading me to a relaxed and self-healing outlook.  Thank you, Paula!”

Fern B.
In March 2009 I was diagnosed with Stage IIIc endometrial cancer. I was given only a 50% chance to make it 2 years.
I decided that a partnership with my doctors was better than acting like a victim. So, I sought out ‘tools’ that could help me survive.
One of the most important tools that has ensured my ongoing health has been Paula’s Guided Imagery classes. Paula reorients negative thinking to small day-to-day changes that focuses on practical advice that shows how much control we have over the disease (don’t look at the clock when you can’t sleep, etc.).
Paula coached me to use a positive vocabulary (cleansing not chemo, picture of health not CT scan, etc.)—her ever-present and continuing commitment to my health helped me remain totally positive throughout my treatment and beyond.
I go to Paula’s weekly relaxation class at the Wellness Center, and I use her guided imagery CDs to give me a boost when I’m waiting at the doctor’s office, before I go to sleep, and even when I’m out walking.
Paula’s insight and knowledge have become invaluable for me. I have passed the 2 year milestone and I am Clean, Clear, and Healthy!
Paula spots the issues we trip over—then shows us how to conquer them and win. I cannot thank Paula enough for providing the tools that can truly be put to use Monday morning.

Jane Nye

Dear Paula,
I DID IT! I got through my rather extensive dental appointment without gagging or any of the other unpleasant issues that arise during dental work. I really want to thank you for the support and the techniques you taught me to relieve what I thought was a biological reflex that I had absolutely no control over.
I must say that when hypnotherapy was suggested to me by my dentist, I scoffed at the idea. How could I, someone who is so controlling and such a skeptic, possibly benefit from a hypnotherapist? There was no way I would waste my money on a “stage act”. Then my dentist presented me with an option that addressed my practical side. “If you go to the hypnotherapist and it does not work, I will do your work for free”. Well, how could I pass on the opportunity to get free dental work and I promptly made my first appointment.
As I told you at our first appointment, I avoided the dentist as much as possible. Since I can remember, I have gagged and even worse at the dentist. The smell, the sounds and even calling to make an appointment made my nauseous. I honestly can say that giving birth to a ten pound baby, un-medicated, was a much more pleasant experience than having x-rays on my teeth.
At our first appointment, you explained the process and how hypnotherapy worked, you made me comfortable and I felt truly at ease, even if your office is just above a dental office. I laugh now, when I say first. I not only saw you one time, but three times! The three appointments I had with you were probably the most valuable thing I have ever done for myself. You taught me just how much I can control with my thoughts and way of thinking. You taught me how to get through not only grueling dental appointments, but how to handle everyday stresses.
The techniques you taught me in the office were one thing, but then came the real world…. the actual dentist appointments, a procedure that would take several appointments and hours of dental work. You came with me, I was scared. You taught the dentist and the staff how to talk to fearful patients, you were there coaching me, guiding me and reminding me that I could control the situation and I could relax and get through it. We did it, they were able to do the necessary work and I got through it.
The real test came however, when I went to the dentist all by myself. I remembered everything you taught me, and low and behold this time it was me and only me, I DID IT BY MYSELF! I did not gag, I did not sweat and tremble, I did not want to get up and run. I was calm, relaxed and confident.
The techniques I learned from hypnotherapy are lifelong tools that I use every single day now. I can go to the dentist, I can drive in traffic, I can handle my five children and the everyday stresses with much more calm. When I feel the veins in my head about to burst I remember the techniques of hypnotherapy and everything seems to get into better perspective.
Thank you Paula, I am forever grateful and although I do enjoy a good “stage act” I enjoy hypnotherapy significantly more and have come to respect hypnotherapy as a valid form of therapy that I would recommend to anyone, not just dental patients. And please feel free to use me as a reference or use this letter as a testimonial.
Again, thank you for your truly sincere and beautiful spirit and the gift you shared with me.
With sincere gratitude,
Yesmin W.

Thank you for the great CD you made for my sister.  She used it for the first time yesterday before and after her first radiation treatment. She was so relaxed she didn’t need medication to calm her down or sedate her – which for her is a miracle in itself. She will be here soon and we will talk about coming to your classes in Chatsworth. What a great service you do.
With much admiration and thanks,

Sharon W.


I met Paula Getty at her guided imagery class at the Westlake Wellness Center.   It took a couple of sessions to catch on to the program and let myself totally relax. I thought that no one could ever relax me.  Well, on week three I found out how wonderfully relaxing this class could be. In Paula’s class your body and mind relax together in a completely safe and secure surrounding.  Some people come to her class just to hear her voice and get what we call a ‘Paula pill.’

Paula Getty is the “Guru of Calm” and positive thinking.  Her classes are usually packed full and for good reasons.  In today’s world most of us have simply forgotten to take time for relaxation. She teaches this and instructs practice for home. Paula also has CDs which help with specific areas, like surgeries and other medical procedures.  Her CDs can also help anyone afflicted with anxiety and difficulty sleeping.  I put Paula’s CDs on my I-pod and took her to medical appointments, literally right into surgery rooms, for biopsies and other procedures that I would have normally not tolerated well.  Paula helped me immensely.  I cope so much better with my illness and I use all her techniques to get me through the day.  Paula Getty is our “Guru of Calm.”
Thanks, Paula.

Diane P.

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